About Us

Grandview Eye Clinic is Located at GRA Ikeja: the heart of the City of Lagos, Nigeria. Founded in May 2014, our Clinic offers a wide range of eye care services to the general public and local businesses in a state-of-the-art facility situated in a green serene environment.

We are able to undertake the fitting of a wide range of contact lenses for both normal and specialized cases in various brands.  We carry out complete eye examinations, Glaucoma Screening, Cataract Screening, Low vision Services, community eye care services, Optical services, just to mention a few. We ensure ensure our Optical clinic runs effectively in such a way that spectacles are dispenses within 24 hours regardless of the lens prescription.  Most appointments are scheduled in the clinic where you will be attended to by a qualified eye care practitioner. For other forms of appointments outside the clinic, please contact the clinic office.