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Glaucoma is a chronic, asymptomatic and painless disease condition which gradually and progressively diminishes vision. If not detected early enough, it can lead to total blindness. It is therefore important to have a screening criteria for this entity, to find patients in their initial stage, because glaucomatous damage to the eyes is irreversible. We have a comprehensive glaucoma screening routine our patients undergo, which helps us to track any possible presence of glaucomatous damage and subsequently work towards halting its effect.


Education has the potential to change individuals’ lives and fuel social transformation. There is a strong link between students’ health, including their visual health, and the quality of their learning and achievements at school. This in turn, affects children’s quality of life and economic productivity in future. School eye health programs provide a unique opportunity to deliver comprehensive eye health services to school-going children.


This aspect of visual screening is essential due to the critical relationship between visual activities and job efficiency. This involves sensitization on occupational visual hazards, recommendations or prescription of protective or correctional devices, initiation of safety programs and the appropriate referral to a consulting optometrist in the event of any detected eye conditions that requires more comprehensive eye examination.


This is a low budget program organised by primary eye care professionals in a community of target, during which members of the community receive free eye examination, glasses and drugs. Appropriate referral to an eye care professional is also done, when any eye condition which requires more clinical investigation is detected.